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Rx Mundi (Rohan Sharma) is a rapper/song-writer from the suburbs of Philadelphia. He learned to rap while serving a 23 month jail sentence after pleading guilty to an armed robbery that took place in the Fall of 2011. At this time, Rohan was just a medical student at Drexel University. However, due to his mental illness being misdiagnosed, he was given the wrong medication which induced a psychotic episode. Because of the nature of the crime, he was placed in the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center (PICC), known for being the most violent out of the 5 county jails located on State Road. 
The name "Rx Mundi" is a cross between the Latin "Rex Mundi" (meaning "King of the World") and the "Rx" symbol used in medical terminology. Historically, the title of "Rex Mundi" was given to the God known as Baphomet, whose name translates as "Father of Wisdom". The arcane Order of the Knights Templar were unfairly persecuted centuries ago for worshiping this deity, but hey.... it's'all good



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